Denver’s premier fungi literature, equipment, and supply store dedicated to mycology and cultivation.

Curious, but don’t know where to start? Experienced and need a shop that offers all the supplies that you need in one place? Our products meet the needs of budding enthusiasts, amateur hobbyists, and savvy experts alike.


Lion’s Mane is located in the River North Arts district between 33rd and 34th on Blake St. at – 3377 Blake St. Suite 103 Denver, CO 80205.

We offer: books and magazines spanning a wide range of topics relating to fungi and cultivation; all equipment needed for indoor and outdoor cultivation, as well as lab equipment for spore & tissue propagation; and supplies needed for your mushroom project to be successful!

 In addition to offering fungi cultivation products, Lion’s Mane will host bi-weekly tutorial classes and introductions on various pieces of equipment offered. Please submit your e-mail below for information on equipment tutorial classes, new products, specials, and more! No spam, promise.

We offer a wide variety of products that span the diverse needs for mycology and fungi cultivation.


  • Mushroom Identification / Foraging
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Mushroom Cookbooks
  • History / Sociology / Ethnomycology
  • Lab Methods / Practice
  • Fungi-specific Magazines


  • Microscopy
  • Spore & Tissue Culturing Equipment
  • Pressure Cookers / Sterilizers
  • Timers / Temperature / Humidity Controls
  • Environmental Diagnostics / Equipment
  • HEPA Filter


  • Sterile Lab Supplies
  • Autoclavable Jars / Bottles / Tools
  • Cleanroom Equipment / Cleaning Supplies
  • Organic Rye Berries / Other Substrates
  • Gypsum / Perlite/ Vermiculite / Peat Moss / Other Casing

Please note that we do not sell spores or mushrooms of any kind.

If there are any specialty items you are looking for, please contact Lion’s Mane with any specific inquiries, and we can assist in finding and ordering what you are looking for.