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The Liquid Media Extractor Cap by Lion's Mane is designed to provide a sterile environment for media extractions without removal of the lid - ideal for liquid cultures or spore solutions to be withdrawn via syringe.

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Our updated version 2.0 of the LM liquid media extractor features a modular check valve, in-line injection port, metal luer-lock connector and comes standard with a luer-lock cap.

Basic features:
- Lion's Mane brand injection molded autoclavable medical grade polypropylene cap (patent pending)
- both ports are 0.118 inch ID x 0.236 inch OD (3 mm x 6 mm)
- 3/16" silicone tubing from check valve to luer lock
- 1/8" silicone tubing for extraction tube, inline injection port, and syringe filter
- metal luer lock allows for connection to any luer lock syringe
- 3/16" modular check valve prevents solution from receding back into the bottle
- in-line injection port to directly inject solution into media bottle without removal of cap
- .22 micron glass mat syringe filter to supply filtered air intake
- standard GL45 lid (standard thread; fits most 500 - 2000mL media bottles)
- fully autoclavable

The extraction tube is outfitted with a check valve to prevent solution receding back into the bottle, as well as eliminating any air bubbles. All parts are removable for necessary cleaning; the entire extractor - bottle and fittings - is autoclavable. Internal silicone tube spirals around the circumference of the bottom of the bottle, allowing extraction tube to be operable while a stir bar (not included) can rotate freely while bottle is on a stir plate. This provides a homogeneous, continuous, and aerobic mixture of media while drawing the solution into a syringe.

Product is shipped with operational manual.

3-MONTH LIMITED WARANTY: all parts and manufacture are guaranteed free of defects. Replacement setup / parts will be available up to 3 months if product has a manufacture defect. Warranty does not cover breakage or damage from improper use. Please fill out your information and upload your receipt for your product warranty here.

Patent Pending

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